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Deposition of metal on substrate.

Medical industry


CKITT-provides comprehensive 3D Implants and services, including 3D metal printers.

3D printing is a brand new and modern fabrication process for a wide range of materials. Such materials can be used for the production of medical implants.

In the medical implants scene, Digital Healthcare makes 3D scan-to-parts that might soon become a simple routine. This approach to healthcare is based on medical scanning & imaging technologies (CT, MRI, and ultrasound) and seems to offer affordable and highly effective solutions for the medical industry.

Many of the medical sectors have adopted the 3D printed elements as part of the technological revolution that the 3D technology is bringing. Some of the main advantages of this way of production technique is that it does not require multi-steps production operations or any additional tooling and that it minimizes the need for having an inventory. Hence the reduced costs and lead times. These advantages are higly appreciated for small volumes and complex parts products, such as orthopedicones.

CKITT-3DP Production 3D Printer

The successful implementation of these production method for Metal 3D Printing for medical implants could be revolutionary so Our company propose to design and manufacture a laser based Metal 3D printer

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